Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Introduction to the list.

For many years various South African and international extremist right winged groups have held as the centre piece of their world view the idea that their is a white persecution happening in the Post Apartheid South Africa. Some groups going to far as to suggest genocide.

The entire premise behind this persecution was based on a single piece of evidence.

The list.

The list is a so called list of over 3000 white farmers names who have been murdered since 1994. In the following few blogs as you will observe I will entirely take part the list piece by piece with some basic research into its validity. But before I do so let me explain why I go to such efforts and offer some apologies to anyone whose lost loved ones might get caught up in this ugly saga.

It is not my intention to sweep over the tragedy and trauma of the very real crime situation in South Africa. At the the same time I do no longer want to sit idly by and watch as this list swallows in more and more unwitting minds and poisons them into race based hatred. I take comfort in knowing if the names of my dead loved ones were being used for such a ugly and divisive purpose I would not appreciate it.

So who wrote this list ?

Adriana Striujt. A retired South African journalist living in the Netherlands.

I am of the opinion that she knowingly has set out to mislead and has deliberately posted individuals she clearly knows not to be farmers, or as you will see, to not even be dead on her list. As this blog moves along we wll move into looking into the motives of her list and how people from both sides have been duped and for what sinister purpose.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First the evidence.

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