Thursday, 17 February 2011


Despite visiting here and commenting on this blog, this morning Adriana "updated" her "murder" list. She has not removed any of the blatantly false names from the list which I exposed, without any other possible explanation to be false or not "white farmers". Again she confirms her dedication to misleading and being dishonest with her list.

Even in the face of scrutiny she maintains it's a list of over 3000 names when it's less than 1200 ! The absolute god smacking cheek of the woman !

This blog has a measly 100 hits a day so far but it is growing. I will use all my knowledge of S.E.O and link whoring to ensure that I get thousands of hits a day and soon she can no longer ignore this. That she must stand up and explain her lies. I appeal to you to help me by linking to this blog just one place in the internet.

And why does she lie ? This will become clear "why" as we move towards the light later in this blog. I must show you slowly, piece by piece. Else it's too much for the human mind. Too sinister for you to comprehend in one bite. You will reject it.

For now I am satisfied that you at least must agree that she has lied. There is no disputing that.

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