Friday, 18 February 2011

Update : The two Marcs.

Marc Conbrinck and Marc Waldon are both listed as murdered. The location : table bay in 2007.

Truth ?

Not even close. They were involved and injured in a "road rage" incident by a guy named Alberto Saunders. Not only did this not happen on a farm , they weren't killed and no black person had anything to do with it.

This was genuinely the first random search I did after the tourists and it's not even true. Wow. Couldn't she even find actual murdered white people to make up list of under 1200 ? I mean even if they were at least dead then she could still somehow validate including them on the list even though they aren't farmers. The problem of violent crime affecting whites must be way less serious than even I thought !

Wow, just wow !

Ask yourselves people, why is this woman lying ?

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